Milestone Institute Youth Project

Miles Davis was the epitome of COOL. An unparalleled icon who moved effortlessly between mediums of music, art, fashion, and style (and boxed for sport).

In the spirit of Miles Davis, East St. Louis GenZer’s (born 1995-2009) and Alpha’s (2010-2024) are reimagining and reshaping what our city, country, and the world could be. It’s a futurism thought process designed to plant creative-seeds for 100 projects by 2026 for Miles Davis’ 100th birthday.

Topics for discussion are:

  • Music
  • Art
  • Fashion
  • Style
  • Literature (stories, poetry & prose)
  • Dance
  • Film
  • Photography
  • Tech
  • New Business

The opening of MILES: A Miles Davis Retrospective. Redina Medley and The Milestone Institute encircles Cheryl Davis, Paul Scott, Mayor Debra Powell, Poet Laureate Eugene B. Redmond and other notable East St. Louisans; with curator Ben Cawthra.

Being rebellious and black, a nonconformist, being cool and hip and angry and sophisticated and ultra clean, whatever else you want to call it — I was all those things and more. But I was playing the fk… out of my horn and had a great group, so I didn’t get recognition based only on a rebel image. Miles Davis, Miles: The Autobiography.

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