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Bold Dreams, Deep Thoughts

East St. Louis is the hometown of Miles Davis, Katherine Dunham, Hudlin Brothers; and other great legends. It is also the home-base of the Miles Davis Festival. As we inaugurate 100 Years of Miles for 2026, 100 Milestones projects will showcase the creative spirit of surrounding communities.
Besides expanding Jazz into global fusion experiences, for this landmark experience, a reframing of our story could transform dichotomy into friendship and harmony. We hope you join us.
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Our Mission

It’s hard to keep a narrow focus with such a multifaceted artist. What we do know for sure is Miles Davis’ namesake Festival represents the continuing experimentation of musical art forms by taking jazz fusion to new levels. So, while keeping classical jazz alive, we also represent a New Jazz Era, mixing jazz harmonies and improvisation with music genres around the world. 

This endeavor is a musical blending of global cultures to bring an awareness of world peace. Miles Davis is the only artists who have already crossed those boundaries and has won eight Grammy Awards. 

It began in 2001…

Today, all roads lead to 100-Years-of-Miles in 2026.

…It’s a rebirth of The COOL. Feel the breeze?

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Anybody can play. The note is only 20 percent. The attitude of the mfkr who plays it is 80 percent. Miles Davis.

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At every major Miles Davis event we have attended, scholarly talks about Miles are abundant. Now you, the audience, can ask questions about Miles Davis that will satisfy your curiosity about the man who changed music at least five times in his career.
Ahmad Jamal 2021