MilesVillians panel Speak on Miles 2001-2021

Moderator Darlene Roy
Poet Darlene Roy, Moderator

Miles Davis

The Man
Twenty years following the historic 2001 Miles Davis Arts Festival, and to honor what would be Miles’ 95th birthday, we look forward to bringing you a “Summer of Miles.” Relax, visualize, expand, create, and listen. Register to receive updates on MILES AHEAD: Transforming the Narrative, featuring a series of Roundtable panels with some of the greatest jazz musicians and forward-thinking writers in Jazz including new music from the Young Lions.


The Music

From the studios at HOME: House of Miles, ESL. Moderator Darlene Roy revisits MILESVILLE: THE MAN, THE MUSIC, THE MILIEU with a new title, MilesVillians. Even more appropriate from this sassy poet and author is the way she uplifts conversations about Miles Davis with such light-heartedness having attended the same high school as Miles.

Miles Davis

The Milieu
The Roundtable panel explores Miles Davis’ varied and complex dimensions through the prisms of his personal development. It examines the role of East St. Louis and its people in shaping the man who redirected the course of Jazz at least five times during his reign as the Arch (Bebop) Bishop of Jazz.

2001 MilesVille Panel at the New City Hall

2001 Milesville Panel
Historian Reginald Petty, Professor Eugene B. Redmond, Professor Quincy Troupe, NY Times Bestselling author Michael Datcher, and Darlene Roy, Moderator

2021 MilesVillians Panel

Darlene Roy-2

Dr. Eugene B. Redmond, Quincy Troupe, Reginald Petty, Lauren Parks, Dr. Michael Datcher, Darlene Roy