Miles Style by Michael Stradford.

Miles Styles by Michael Stradford

But you’ve got to have style in whatever you do — writing, music, painting, fashion, boxing, anything. Miles Davis.

Miles Davis is one of the most revered artists of the last 100 years, regardless of the art form. Credited with ushering in a new age of jazz more than once, Davis’s unique perception of the world is best known through his memorable music and is arguably more popular now than ever. In later years, he earned additional acclaim as an abstract painter, with many of his originals selling for thousands of dollars and continuing to escalate in value. But his sense of personal expression didn’t stop with music and painting. 


Miles Davis’s restless, rebellious personality found an additional creative outlet through his interest in fashion. From the big shouldered, pleated suits of the forties, to the Ivy League look of the fifties, the sleek Italian suits of the sixties and the more avant-garde looks of the last twenty years of his life, Miles Davis blazed a fashion trail whose impact is still being felt today. MILESSTYLE is the first book to examine Miles Davis, the artist, using himself as a creative canvas. MILESSTYLE features observations from notable fashionistas like Lenny Kravitz, Bryan Ferry and Lloyd Boston, as well as friends and bandmates like Quincy Jones, Ron Carter, Clark Terry and more regarding his sartorial evolution as well as what his style said about the music and the man.

Miles Davis playing trumpet

Author Michael Straford

Michael Stradford is a multi-decade entertainment executive. He has successfully programmed radio stations in several major markets, including Los Angeles. Stradford was a senior executive in the music industry and enjoyed a long run as a creator of content for Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and oversaw the creation of original content at Sony owned online outlet Upcoming books include ‘Black to the Movies’, a pseudo memoir disguised as a collection of movie reviews and a coffee table book on Steve Holland, the world’s greatest male model. He has written reviews, profiles and interviews for several magazines as well as running his own pop culture blog,, with a podcast of the same name currently in production. Stradford lives in wedded bliss with his tolerant wife Sybil and their two equally tolerant dogs, Raj and Teddy.

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