Wayne Shorter, Dr. Eugene B. Redmond, Eddie Fisher, Deborah Granger, and Herbie Hancock

In 2001, Miles Davis Festival was born with the help of many, including former Mayor Debra Powell. We dedicated May the month of Miles and embodied art exhibits, the play “Miles Smiles”, weekly bouillabaisse jam sessions, workshops, artist talks, poetry, and a Milestrokes golf celebration. The Missouri History Museum at Forest Park opened the first major exhibit, MILES: A Miles Davis Retrospective. It ran for nine months. Since, the exhibit has travelled and expanded to Brazil, Paris and Montreal.

St. Louis Contemporary Art Museum presented the drawings of Miles Davis: Improvisations; and Miles Davis Festival wrapped it up with a 12-hour back-to-back music extravaganza at the Casino Queen on the Mississippi River. Special guests included Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Ahmad Jamal, Erika Johnson, Clark Terry, Phil Perry, Barbara Morrison, and more. Jimmy Cobb made his way to Miles Davis Festival in 2002. He was the only remaining member of the band from the world famous “Kind of Blue” LP. In 2021, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of Miles Davis Festival and we recently featured a Zoom Roundtable panel with Keyon Harold (who played the Trumpet under Don Cheadle in the movie “Miles Ahead”), Vince Wilburn Jr., Ahmad Jamal, Ron Carter et al. We also featured literati MilesVillian Roundtable Panel with Quincy Troupe, editor of Miles Davis autobiography. Later, the Curators Dr. Ben Cawthra from Miles: The Retrospective and Vincent Bessières, the curator at the Musée de la Musique/Cite de la Musique who presented “We Want Miles” in 2010.

Miles Davis

Players Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Ahmad Jamal, Ron Carter, Keyon Harrold, Vince Wilburn, Jimmy Cobb, Barbara Morrison, Clark Terry, Phil Perry, Eddie Fisher, Oliver Sain, Erika Johnson, Russell Gunn, Sunshine, Jazz Edge, Mardra and Reginald Thomas, and the list goes on…

The Players

Highlights from 2001-2021


A picture is worth a thousand words, thanks to the following Photographers: Eugene B. Redmond, Darlene Roy, Tyrone Kennedy.

Literati: Darlene Roy, Quincy Troupe, Eugene B. Redmond, Michael Datcher, Lauren Parks, Reginald Petty, Jimmy Cobb, Cheryl Davis, and the list goes on…

2001 Milesville

The Man, The Music, The Milieu

Reginald Petty, Eugene B. Redmond, Quincy Troupe, Michael Datcher, and Darlene Roy


Quincy Troupe, Reginald Petty, Eugene B. Redmond, Lauren Parks, Michael Datcher, and Darlene Roy

The Literati



Exhibit Curators Panel includes Dr. Ben Cawthra, curator of MILES: A Miles Davis Retrospective; Becki Hartke, project manager, Vince Wilburn, Jr, and Vincent Bessières, curator of We Want Miles, 2010 at Musée de la Musique/Cite de la Musique. Magdalene Linck from MO-History Museum moderated. 

Curators of Miles: The Retrospective and We Want Miles Exhibits

The Curators