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Audiences, they like colour, you know. I can go out there wearing a red suit, man, and they’ll say I’m out of sight… Miles Davis.

Miles Davis was an artistic genius.

Miles Davis Collective Artwork
We look to artists to shape our futures and Miles Davis has certainly fulfilled his share of futurisms. Miles spoke in trumpet tones, and when you look at his paintings, they are bold expressions of stories; while his drawings display dance rhythms and movements. It’s a good thing for the art world that Miles Davis was a contemporary visual artist. We are a step further into understanding the mystique of his influence and genius.

Art isn’t for everyone. It’s for anyone. Christopher Knight

Because of our passion for the arts, we promise to deliver enchanting stories, correlations, and observations about Miles Davis’ art and music. Miles Davis Festival will bring contemporary art and experimental jazz projects together with context on futurism. This is one of the three major projects we are introducing.

C’Babi Bayoc painted the Inaugural Miles Davis Festival artwork for 2001 on wood.

Miles Davis art by C'Babi Bayoc